Click through using the links below for abstracts and further information. I put some of my slides on my Speaker Deck site.

Recent talks

  • An open-source model for creating synthetic demographic data for applied spatial models, American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, 2023.
  • Utilising Synthetic Microdata to assess the spatial distribution of the inclusive economy, British Society for Population Studies annual conference, Winchester, 2022.
  • Nutrition Analytics Applied to Retail Purchase Transaction Data, Consumer Goods forum Sustainable Retail Summit 2021. Further details here.
  • Demographic change and population projections, The Geographical Association. Video here.
  • AI: Friend or Foe? A virtual event for the Leeds AI business community organised by Pan Intelligence. Further details here.
  • Putting demographics at the heart of planning, Advances in Data Science Seminar, University of Manchester, UK. Abstract here.
  • Microsimulation for Health Modelling, Social Simulation Fest, Further details here
  • Unpacking migration: regional diversity and impact on public ser- vices, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, Westminster. Further details here.
  • A Digital Twin for urban land use and infrastructure demand forecasting, American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, 6-10 April. Abstract, conference details.
  • Scenario planning for population growth and infrastructure demand, Applied Geography Commission (AGC) Conference, L’Aquila, Italy, 17 to 19 June. Abstract, conference details.
  • Using novel data to provide local insights, Royal Statistical Society, Leeds, 5 June. Details and abstract.
  • Examining scenarios of ethnic composition in the United Kingdom. International Geographical Union regional Conference, Quebec, 5 to 10 August. Abstract, conference details.
  • Using online e-petition data to estimate EU referendum results for UK Parliamentary Constituencies. British Society for Population Studies, Winchester, 10 to 12 September. Abstract, conference details.
  • Use of On-Line Data to Provide Rental Housing Market Mass Appraisals for England. European Regional Science Association Congress, Cork, 28 to 31 August. Abstract, conference details.