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I wanted to take this opportunity to invite submissions to six sessions that are being organised and convened by the Applied Geography Commission of the International Geographical Union (for which I am the Chair).

  • Applied approaches for healthy public policy - welcomes submissions that further our understanding about how we measure, understand and achieve healthy public policy.
  • Applied Smart Data research - nvites submissions for papers that make use of such Smart Data in an applied spatial context and/or that further our understanding of the utility for such data toprovide spatial insights.
  • Geography and public policy: harnessing opportunities for engagement - calls for papers that address varied relationships between geography and public policy over time; methods and approaches for critical engagement with policy worlds; examples of policy engagement.
  • Interface of social, medical and digital geography and its sustainability - welcomes papers that focus on the study of social and medical phenomena and digital technologies in relation to space, time and place.
  • Model coupling for applied geographical research - welcomes submissions that further our understanding about how coupling, chaining, grouping or otherwise passing data between models can improve our understanding about applied spatial problems.
  • Politicising and reclaiming the impact agenda - welcomes contributions that reflect upon the meaning and implications of the impact agenda for who gets to be a hired geographer and which geographers get to produce what geographies, where, why and with what consequences.

For more information please take a look at the abstract handbook. The Applied Geography sessions can be found on page 24:

Please share widely, and if you would like to submit a paper please make sure to select C.03: Applied Geography and then the appropriate session on the submission webpage.