Welcome to this tutorial on Using QGIS and CARTO.

This tutorial is owned by Nik Lomax. See my personal web page here for more information about me.


  • If you have never used QGIS or you want to get back up to speed with using the software, start with exercises one to four. These will give you the basic skills needed to load some spatial data and produce a visualisation.

  • For those who want to have a go at creating online maps using CARTO, skip over to exercise five. This will provide you with the skills needed to produce a map using the platform.

  • If you are interested in the interface between QGIS and CARTO, head over to exercise six. This exercise introduces the CARTO plug-in for QGIS (probably best tackled after exercise five).

Familiarise yourself with the website layout

  • At the top right of the page there is an Exercises tab. From here you can access all of the instructions we will be following today.

  • Clicking Home at the top right of the page takes you back to the front page.

  • The instructions can also be accessed from the home page by clicking [Read More] under each post.

  • The Resources tab (top right) provides a link to a Dropbox folder containing the files you need to undertake all exercises. If you are just doing exercise five then you can download the data seperately by clicking Exercise 5 direct download under the Resources tab.